Pavlov’s House 23

Publisher: DVG

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75 minutes / ages 10+ / 1 – 3 players

In Pavlov’s House, you take control of the valiant defenders of a Soviet strongpoint in Stalingrad as they hold out against constant German attacks for almost two months. You also control the key leaders throughout the Soviet 62nd Army that made the defense of Pavlov’s House possible.

Object of the Game
The goal of Pavlov’s House is to last until the 7th Company, 3rd Battalion, 42nd Guards Rifle Regiment of the 13th Guards Division is tasked with storming a key German strongpoint during the Battle of Stalingrad. In the game, this is depicted by playing through a deck of cards representing elements of the German 6th Army.

Pavlov’s House was a fortified apartment building used as a strongpoint by the Soviet 62nd Army during the pivotal Battle of Stalingrad in WW2. Soviet defenders – primarily from the 7th Company, 3rd Battalion, 42nd Guards Rifle Regiment of the 13th Guards Division – held out for almost two months from a constant German assault. The building’s name was drawn from Yakov Pavlov, a sergeant who led the initial storm group assault that resulted in the capture of the building from the Germans. The story of Pavlov’s House was a key piece of Soviet propaganda and was used as a symbol of the incredible resistance of Soviet forces during the Battle of Stalingrad.

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23 thoughts on “Pavlov’s House

    • David Thompson Post author

      Chris, thanks for the message. Right now the only ways to play the game are online (via Tabletopia or Tabletop Simulator), to print-and-play it, or to have a high quality print-on-demand prototype made via someone like the Gamecrafter. I’ll send you an email with specifics concerning the Gamecrafter route. If anyone else is interested in a prototype for playtesting purposes, let me know.

      • JUDGE

        Hi David!! Great work you did on Pavlov’s House!! I really want to do playtests if that doesn’t annoy you, so could you send me information about the game prototype and how to get a copy?? That would be fantastic. (PS: see you on BGG!!)

      • Andrew

        Hi Dave, I would be interested in playtesting it. I’m based in Switzerland so the P&P option would be great. Please let me know which kind of play testing would you require (timing, which kind of AAR, etc)

        best regards

        • David Thompson Post author

          Andrew, thanks for the offer to playtest. Right now I’m interested in looking for “broken” strategies (strategies that perhaps I have missed thus far in the testing that can break the game). I’m also especially interested in feedback on the 3 player variant (specifically the German player role). I’m not sure if the 3 player variant is good enough to incorporate as a part of the “standard” game. Of course I’m also looking for general feedback (likes, dislikes) and identification of errors, rules clarification, etc.


          • Andrew

            I replied to your mail. copy and pasting it here:

            That would be great: I do love stressing game mechanics. Your indications are very clear: what would be the deadline?


          • David Thompson Post author

            Andrea, I’m in no rush. I plan to run the playtest phase for at least another couple months. So a good working deadline would be 1 July.

          • David Thompson Post author

            You’ll need to print the board, cards, and counters. All that can be found on this page. You’ll want to have access to the rules and probably the reference sheets. You can print those off, or just use the digital files.


      • Brad Golding

        Hi David!
        I’d definitely be interested in playtesting a prototype, or buying a hard copy!
        I have seen Pavlov’s house, or what’s left of it in Stalingrad in May 2016. I also saw a photo on BGG of a printed copy, is that the prototype? I am also interested from the point of view that it is a solo game. I live in a remote area and there are no wargamers for miles and miles!
        However, I do live in Australia so postage might cost a bit.
        Let me know. Thanks!

    • David Thompson Post author

      Not really, unless you’re interested in a print-on-demand prototype. If so, I can help get it made for you, but unfortunately it’s a very expensive option. Right now the main ways to try it are via print-and-play or virtual tabletop software (Tabletopia or Tabletop Simulator). If you would like a prototype physical copy email me and I can give you the specifics.

  • Joshua Murphy

    I notice a few differences between the unit stats in the print file and those of your unboxing. Before diving into full playtesting mode thought I’d ask what the most up-to-date version of the units is.

    • David Thompson Post author

      Good catch, Joshua. There were a couple minor differences for the Soviet counters. I’ve updated those. Thanks!

  • Don Carmelo

    @David Thompson. I sent you a message on BGG regarding the French translation, (I am the translator for this rules) but I did not receive a response. Can you answer my question about your messages? Thank you