20 minutes | ages 10+ | 3 – 5 players

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You are a priest of a troubled Temple.  A Thieves’ Guild has emerged and is challenging your Temple for influence over the land.  You must decide whether to work along with your brethren in the fight against the Thieves Guild or betray your brothers and guide the Thieves’ Guild to prominence.

In Allegiance, players use cards to adjust the influence of the Thieves’ Guild and Temple. At the end of the game, the organization with the most influence emerges to power.  Players begin with an allegiance to the Temple.  However, that allegiance can shift during the game as players accrue points that align them with either the Temple or the Thieves’ Guild.  All players with allegiance to the Temple win if the Temple has the most influence.  One player with allegiance to the Thieves’ Guild wins if the Thieves’ Guild has the most influence.

Will the players maintain allegiance with the Temple and work cooperatively to try to achieve victory?  Or will one or more of them turn rogue and align with the Thieves’ Guild in a high-risk, high-reward attempt to win it all?

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We have developed a workshop for Allegiance on Tabletop Simulator. You can access the workshop here.New_perspective_Box