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Allegiance is my current focus at the moment.  Design work on the game began in December 2013.  It has been a frantic last few months, as the game has evolved considerably based on initial design, playtest feedback, additional design iterations, and development.

As I move forward to finalizing the design and development of the game, I figured it would be a good idea to chronicle the process.  (Hopefully) Allegiance will be self-published via a successful Kickstarter campaign set to launch on 19 August 2014.  This is new territory for me.  I have a design under contract with an established publisher, but I’m new to the world of self-publishing and all that it entails (working with manufacturers, distributors, fulfillment, retail, etc).

This blog will have two separate focuses: it will serve as a diary for the design and development of the game, and it will serve as a chronicle and step-by-step review of the self-publishing process.

In general, I’ll work chronologically.  But I’ll also try to include a fair mix of the two different aspects.

My working title for the blog, Creating Allegiance: A Shared Experience, speaks to the two focus areas.  I am very proud of my active, transparent approach to game design.  Each of my games has been very publicly discussed on, and I would submit that my greatest strength is openness to criticism and feedback.  In other words, my game designs are shared experiences.  This diary will showcase that, demonstrating how Allegiance has evolved due to the community’s involvement.  Separately, I want the self-publishing process to be as open and transparent as possible, creating another shared experience.  Hopefully my lessons learned can inform others who have the same goal as me: to self-publish a game.

I won’t promise great prose or riveting subject matter.  But I’ll be open, honest, and as comprehensive as possible.

Good references and source material for this post:

Jamey Stegmaier: Kickstarter Lesson #52: Write a Blog

– Writer’s Digest: The 12 Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Blog

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3 thoughts on “Creating Allegiance – A Shared Experience: #1 Why a Blog?

    • David Thompson Post author

      Thanks, Jamey. You have no idea how much of an inspiration you are, and how much this simple post of yours will serve to keep me motivated. The idea of blogging isn’t something that’s natural for me, but I’m excited about it nonetheless.